Dr. Peter Driscoll

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Peter Vail Driscoll is a highly esteemed plastic surgeon with an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the field of cosmetic surgery. He earned his M.D. degree from the prestigious UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Camden, NJ, where he excelled in his academic pursuits.

After completing his medical degree, Dr. Driscoll underwent extensive training in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, LA, where he completed his internship and residency. During his training, he honed his surgical skills and gained a deep understanding of the complex anatomy of the head and neck region.

Driven by his passion for advancing the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Driscoll pursued a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Here, he conducted groundbreaking research that led to numerous publications in top-tier medical journals and established him as a leading authority in his field.

Following his research fellowship, Dr. Driscoll completed a Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery at the Culver City Ambulatory Care Center in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, CA. Here, he received specialized training in advanced cosmetic surgical techniques and developed his skills in performing a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including breast augmentation, facelift, and liposuction, among others.

As a testament to his expertise, Dr. Driscoll is board-certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, a prestigious and highly selective organization that recognizes only the most skilled and experienced practitioners in the field.

Dr. Driscoll’s exemplary work and exceptional skills have garnered widespread recognition, and he has been featured on several television shows and documentaries as a guest star. His work has also been extensively published in leading medical journals, and he has contributed to numerous scientific publications and research studies.

With a deep commitment to patient care and satisfaction, Dr. Driscoll has established himself as a sought-after plastic surgeon and a trusted advisor to his patients. He takes a personalized approach to every patient, tailoring each treatment plan to their unique needs and goals. His patients rave about his compassionate bedside manner and the stunning results he consistently delivers.

Professional Credentials


  • KEYE ABC Lifestyle-We Are Austin (“Gluteal Implant Surgery Vs. Fat Injections”) Guest Star

  • KVUE ABC Lifestyle-We Are Austin (“Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation”) Guest Star

  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery – National Board Examiner

  • Tyra Banks Show (“Black Market Plastic Surgery”) Guest Star

  • Dr. Phil Show (“Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far”) Guest Star

  • AMERICA’S TOP PHYSICIANS – Consumer’s Research Council of America

  • Dr. Phil Show (“Too Much Plastic Surgery”) Guest Star


  • Montel Williams Show (“Celebrity Look Alikes”) Guest Star

  • Madison “Who’s Who”, New York

  • KXAN TV NEWS- NEW METHOD OF BREAST AUGMENTATION FOR AUSTIN (Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation -TUBA- feature story)

  • KSLA TV NEWS- Dr. Peter V. Driscoll and the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

  • Kingston’s “Who’s Who”

  • CITY LIGHTS JOURNAL- Feature Story: New minimally-invasive face lift melts away years

  • Editorial Review Board Member: Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery Journal


education background

  • CULVER CITY AMBULATORY CARE CENTER – Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, CA.  Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship-American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

  • LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY- Shreveport, LA.  Internship/ Transition Year/ Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Residency

  • JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY- Baltimore, MD.  Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Otolaryngology-Head&Neck Surgery))


  • GUILFORD COLLEGE– Greensboro, NC.  Degree: B.S.

Professional Experience

  • 6/2021-6/22 Goals Plastic Surgery – Ridgeville, NJ

  • 9/19-5/21 Private Business Ventures

  • 10/18-8/19 TMB Order Completion

  • 1/05-9/18 Private Practice – Austin, TX

  • 8/15-8/17 Part-Time Independent Contractor – Plastic Surgery – Los Angeles, CA

  • 7/02-12/04 Private Practice – Shreveport, LA

  • 11/00-4/02 Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship – (AACS) Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, CA

  • 07/94-7/00 Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery Residency (LSUMC) – Shreveport, LA

  • 07/95-6/96 Transitional Postgraduate Year (LSUMC) – Shreveport, LA

  • 07/94-6/95 General Surgery Internship (LSMUC) – Shreveport, LA

  • 07/93-5/94 Johns Hopkins Medical Center Research Fellow – Baltimore, MA  

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